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About Dr. Costello

Naturopathic Physician & Skin Surgeon

I became a naturopathic doctor to study and practice the cross-cultural medicines of the world, from botanicals to cutting-edge scientific discovery.

As a native of Los Angeles, I love the ocean and being out in the beauty of nature. As an alchemist for good health, I provide acute care and ongoing wellness and longevity programs that nourish both the body and soul. I am an advocate for natural living: I have worked in primary care, midwifery and women’s health for 20 years, and I am the mother of 3 daughters born safely at home.

In 2005, I received my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. I currently practice medicine at my new location in Lake Oswego.

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Health Educator & Speaker

One of my great passions is teaching, and helping others gain a better understanding of the body and how it works. Health is a dynamic process that requires preventive action and many of us are simply unaware of how to go about it. My classes and speaking engagements range from corporate wellness to national conventions to hands on botanical medicine weekends in the bush and natural skin care workshops.

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Health Diplomacy

Girls and young women around the world live in terrible and unimaginable poverty—not only of dollars but of opportunity. The best remedy is education. More than 77 million girls dream of going to school. Education has myriad positive effects, not only for the individual girl, but for their entire communities. Schools provide safety for girls. They get married later, and as health education increases, HIV exposure is reduced, pregnancies are later and healthier, and infant and maternal mortality rates improve. Educated girls become women who create businesses, which provides stability. Families grow and support each other out of poverty. We must build the opportunity for children everywhere to go to school.

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Dr. Costello is a fine arts painter and teacher.

I grew up in an environment filled with creativity and music. As I pursued my pre-med courses at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, painting and fine arts became an important part of my studies. Since high school, I have had exhibitions of my work. As I began my practice, I started my art business to combine my interests in art, science and medicine. My artistic endeavors provide great balance in my life.

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