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Health Educator & Speaker

One of the guiding principles of medicine is the Latin word docere, meaning “doctor as teacher.” I believe that each of us is our own first doctor. My goal is to empower people with education and knowledge of the natural medicine I know has so much to offer. To know what to do for ourselves and others is a true gift, and I love being able to share the information I have acquired in my studies and practice.

Areas of Expertise

Optimal Wellness & Preventive Medicine
Women’s Health - All Ages
Hormone Balance & Endocrinology
Dermatology & Skin Surgery
Longevity & Brain Health
Botanical Medicine & Classical Homeopathy


Health for the Professional Woman

NIKE World Headquarters

I created the Four Seasons of Health Lecture Series to address the needs of my patients. Adulthood in the modern world can be challenging, and our world moves fast. We expect to keep up with the demands of daily life, but often become out of balance, and may be too busy to realize it until symptoms arise. My Four Seasons lectures include Health for the Professional Woman, Preventative Health: Creative Plans In Action, The Four Seasons of Preventive Medicine for Professionals, and more.



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Radiofrequency Surgery

Dr. Costello teaches Minor Surgery at the NW Naturopathic Physicians Convention

My hope is to inspire others to study skin surgery and to view this modality as an integral part of naturopathic medicine. I taught two hands-on minor surgery courses at the NWNP Convention to great enthusiasm from my colleagues. I will offer beginning and advanced minor surgery techniques seminars for continuing education credits in 2019 for students and physicians.

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