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In our modern world, we face unique health issues, and we can all learn from each other. I am committed to sharing my knowledge of medicine across several topics, to offer information and inspiration throughout your daily life. Please explore and pass along anything that you like.

  • Health in the World

    How Far Will Science Take Us?

    iStock 000025933719Medium2

    A brief exploration into the world of modern lab tests, preventative screens and highly controversial genetic testing...

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  • Women's Health

    The Joy of Hormones


    The hormonal cycles act as the navigators through the great sea of being female...

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  • What Ails Us

    Time To Take Care of You

    Lehua flower

    Allow your desire for better health to act as the Lehua flower, bringing life toward expansion and growth...

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  • Nutrition

    Ackee & Salt Fish Jamaica’s National Dish

    Ackee fruit

    I make this dish for my family on special occasions or when I am feeling the need for a little...

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  • Skin

    Eczema : Treating the Cause

    iStock 000001227857Large

    Suppression is not the solution. Explore the causes of eczema (atopic dermatitis) and holistic treatment options for all ages...

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  • Botanicals

    Turmeric, the Golden Root

    IMG 1179

    Ethnobotany adventure in Jamaica with U.S. naturopathic doctors and students reveals potent anti-inflammatory herbal medicine in the bush...

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