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August 9, 2013

Time To Take Care of You

What needs to happen for you to decide to take really good care of yourself?

Lehua, the flower of the Big Island of Hawaii, represents the transformative energy of the active volcano Kilauea. I recently spent time exploring the island and its bountiful plant life. I was particularly struck by the red flower that emerged out of pure black lava.

Lehua is the first vegetation to grow after the lava flow. The pollen and bright color of the flower attract insects that pollinate a diversity of other tropical plants, encouraging regrowth. Birds and animals soon return as the regenerative power of nature restores balance to the environment. The symbol is clear. Lehua is a reflection of the cycles and patterns within ourselves. Symbolic fire may need to burn to make way for the new.

Naturopathic medicine is a refreshing approach to your health, geared toward exploring the best ways to improve the functionality of your body. As we address ways to take better care of you, preventive medicine is the goal. We evaluate ways to improve your lifestyle that will act to empower and inspire the transformative realization that optimal health is possible.

As we uncover the biochemistry of the body through functional blood chemistry analysis, hormonal testing, nutrition and lifestyle evaluation, adrenal stress index, and other appropriate studies, we have the information required to fully understand your body. Then we can build a solid foundation of prevention including correction of deficiencies or excesses which addresses both acute and chronic disease.

Nature can be a great teacher and reflection of ourselves. Allow your desire for better health to act as the Lehua flower, bringing life toward expansion and growth. Create the time to take care of you.

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