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August 8, 2013

The Joy of Hormones

Hormones and the female body are a continual life song of harmony and orchestration. The hormonal cycles and daily pulses act as the navigators through the great sea of being female. The joys and sorrows, the developing and maturing body, sexuality and motherhood, the four decades of menstrual cycles, and the experience of menopause are delicately sewn into the fabric of life, by only a handful of hormones.

Female hormones become imbalanced for a variety of reasons.

  • Excessive stress
  • Poor glandular function, meaning the anatomy is not working correctly
  • Liver or metabolic dysfunction
  • Excessive weight (abdominal fat can actually produce hormones!)
  • Poor nutritional status
  • Environmental toxicity

Simple lab testing can determine the specifics of your personal hormonal profile. It is however crucial to use the appropriate type of hormone test, and in menstruating women, the sample must be collected at the best time of the month to identify the correct levels. In naturopathic medicine, urinary, salivary and blood test are routinely used for screening hormonal evaluation. The tests are often completed at home, not expensive and may be covered by insurance. A wealth of understanding is gained with simple hormonal evaluation.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can be used to restore physiologic levels if a deficiency or imbalance is detected. There are several ways to utilize the custom hormonal prescription - oral, sublingual or topical application. Nutritional and herbal medicine can also be of huge benefit as part of a comprehensive plan.

Balanced hormones help to restore:

  • Vitality and stamina
  • Mental focus
  • Healthy libido
  • Energy Balanced
  • Emotions
  • Beautiful skin
  • Great sleep
  • Ability to lose weight

Women are not the only ones to struggle with hormones. Many men also suffer from low hormone production (andropause) or imbalances. If you or a loved one are interested in more information or would like to explore options for hormone testing and holistic treatment please schedule a time for us to connect.

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