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Naturopathy & Holistic Dermatology

My practice blends herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, vitamin & mineral supplementation, homeopathy and conventional therapeutics with lifestyle recommendations specific to each individual. I offer complete adult and pediatric primary care, women’s health services, dermatology, and skin surgery.

I enjoy spending time getting to know my patients, and value the relationships that develop over the years. I focus on comprehensive screening tests and prevention as the heart of my approach to medicine.

Holistic dermatology addresses the skin in relationship to the whole body. I consider metabolic, hormonal, emotional and nutritional issues with every patient and do not subscribe to overmedicating with palliative treatments that do not address the cause.

Skin surgery is an area of expertise—as an artist I approach surgery both medically and aesthetically.

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Airbrushing the skin

Radiofrequency skin surgery is a gentle procedure that requires no stitches. Aftercare is fast and easy, and it is effective for treating a wide array of skin issues. For biopsy of a suspicious growth, it’s a less invasive option. 

Radiofrequency skin surgery is ideal for work on the face because the procedure allows for precision similar to the detail stroke of an artist’s brush. The aesthetics of the final result are as important to me as the accuracy of the technique. I offer holistic pre- and post-treatment protocols to assist with the healing process. This procedure is safe for children and is well tolerated by all of my patients.

The before and after pictures (see below) are taken at the time of the procedure on the same day.


Work-life balance can be a great challenge for women—including professional women, mothers, and the modern woman redefined. We are living life to the fullest, but it is difficult to put our needs first.

Long-term issues can quickly become a problem, everything from problems with hormones and blood-sugar metabolism to adrenal health, PMS, weight gain, trouble sleeping, poor digestion, fatigue, and brain fog.

As a holistic doctor, I make connections with the biochemistry of your body and explain the why and how of what is happening. Many women have no one complaint, and come to me wanting to live an healthier life overall. No part of your health goes unaddressed. My comprehensive women's health practice empowers women to take preventative medicine to the next level.

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Patient Testimonials

I strongly recommend Dr. Hilary Costello as a health and wellness practitioner. She is an amazing listener and is masterful at breaking down the complex into small, practical action steps. I have greatly benefited from her wise counsel and progressive approach to modern medicine. She is an insightful, warm and supportive doctor who can help you identify issues and take the necessary steps to achieving optimum health. P.R.

Dr. Hilary Costello brings her total being to her practice and to her life. She is a doctor who listens carefully to her patients and she acknowledges more than one way to address the many problems and challenges her practice presents. In the ever changing medical landscape, Dr. Costello creates, motivates, and enthusiastically engages her patients in their specific healing path to health and life. Dr. Janet I Filing PhD

I refer patients to Dr. Costello for holistic dermatology and minor surgery with great confidence. She approaches medicine with grace and exceptional skills. When you are with Dr. Costello you clearly see her love for the art of medicine and her passion for serving people through non-profit work in developing nations. Dr. Erika Siegel N.D.

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