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Achieving vibrant and dynamic health is one of our greatest gifts and the focus of my work. As a physician, I strive to: know and understand the people I am honored to care for, take the least invasive action required for healing from illness, educate about preventative medicine and act as a healthcare liaison and advocate for the underserved.

 Dr. Hilary Costello

Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Dermatology, Skin Surgery

What Ails Us

Time To Take Care of You

Lehua flower

Allow your desire for better health to act as the Lehua flower, bringing life toward expansion and growth...

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Health for the Professional Woman

Women in the workforce have a particular need for balance and illness prevention. We can help guide you with holisitc approaches to reducing stress and keeping up energy.

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Dr. Costello is a speaker on health educational issues. She presented her Four Seasons of Health lecture to NIKE’s Women’s Group.

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Radiosurgery: Airbrushing the skin

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Radiosurgery uses ultra high-frequency radio waves to make microsmooth incisions between skin cells. It is an ideal procedure for the removal of moles, sun damage, pigmentation, skin tags and other growths. No sutures are required, which means minimal to no scarring.

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Women's Health

The Joy of Hormones


The hormonal cycles act as the navigators through the great sea of being female...

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Health Diplomacy

The health and education of adolescent girls is advancing the world. Why?

Maasai girl at school

Once learning about the lives of adolescent girls internationally, I experienced the absolute need to be an advocate for them. I work with Jamii Moja, Mercy Corps and Go Philanthropic nonprofit organizations to assist their work in Africa and abroad.  I am the founder of Culture Medicine nonprofit organization.

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Dr. Costello is a fine arts painter and teacher.

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Please explore my creative projects and art prints, which combine art and education.

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